Digging for the Green: Underground Architecture and Sustainable Design Environmental consciousness has been growing for a decade or more among architects. The financial benefits of green design are becoming more apparent, making builders more willing to embrace the movement. Green roofs, for example, are sprouting all over the United States. Why not put them at ground level?

New Underground Building Projects
This page brings you the latest news about subterranean structures that are being proposed, designed, or built.

Building Caves: Wine Not?
Man-made caves for aging wine are in such demand that some cave-building companies have waiting lists up to three years long. Learn more about wine caves and where you can visit them in the US.

Underground Buildings of the United States
Various estimates place the number of underground houses in the United States somewhere around 5,000-7,000. If you don't happen to know a homeowner who will show you around, you can visit one of more than 300 publicly accessible buildings housing everything from factories and warehouses to schools and museums.

Twenty-Five-Plus Years Under Ohio
Relying on common sense and as much research as possible, an Ohio couple designed and built a pleasant, secure underground home that has attracted compliments for nearly three decades.

Building Underground with a Light Touch
"The use of daylight in conjunction with artificial lighting and the distribution of light throughout a building from a single source could be the germ of entirely new lighting technology, a hundred times more efficient than electric fluorescent lighting and much more beautiful, as sunlight is more aesthetically pleasing than artificial light." So wrote David J. Bennett, now a fellow in the American Institute of Architects, in 1984. Read about some of the innovative methods this underground buildings pioneer devised for implementing his philosophy.

Bennett's Buildings
You saw the some of the inner workings of David J. Bennett's subsurface buildings in "Building Underground with a Light Touch." On this supplemental page, orient yourself with photographs of those four structures.

Architect of the Invisible
"Property is 4,000 miles deep. Use it," urges underground architecture guru Malcolm Wells. Read more about the ideas and the designs of this long-time advocate of earth-covered buildings.

Hunkering Down for Defense
The technologically advanced United States harbored its leaders in underground havens in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attack--a defensive strategy that is as old as the hills.

Bargain Bunkers
Ever wondered what became of those underground bunkers you've seen depicted in World War II movies?

Under Ground but not Underground
Is there any middle ground between conventional buildings and subsurface structures?

Top Ten Reasons to Bury a Building

Underground buildings have as many personalities, functions, and intriguing stories as surface buildings do. Why are they built? What are they like, inside and outside? Find out by selecting an article from the list below.
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