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Underground Buildings
More than Meets the Eye

by Loretta Hall

Information about more than 130 subterranean sites in the US & Canada. 125 full-color illustrations.

See Table of Contents below.

    "This book reminds all of us that 'invisible' underground structures are part of the fabric of American life." 
           - Dr. Daniel S. Turner, Past President,
                        American Society of Civil Engineers
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"A beautiful, full-color book great for gift-giving."

Excerpt from review posted on Amazon.com:
At $29 or less, this book is being given away. This is a museum-quality book in terms of the paper, the photographs, the lay-out, and the cover.

If you are contemplating the need for squeezing a building into an area that is down to the "do not disturb" green space, or if you are contemplating how to exploit existing mines, caverns, or other underground options, this exquisite book is not only useful as a tool for reflection, it will help you "make the sale" to skeptical others you have to get on board.

Robert D. Steele (Oakton, VA United States)

Excerpt from review posted on Epinions.com and mySimon.com:

Pros: Well researched, great photographs.

Cons: None whatsoever!

This book provides an incredible look at buildings that are hidden from plain sight, yet, are some of the most beautiful and technologically advanced buildings on the planet.

Shaley Melchior (Salem, MO United States)

Lay of the Land, the Center for Land Use Interpretation newsletter:

" The most complete overview of the variety of underground building types, mostly in the USA. Includes pretty much every type of enterable architectural structure underground (but not infrastructure), from shopping concourses, libraries, to the Manhattan gold reserves. In its scope it covers the spectacular and the mundane...."

A Greener Buildings Featured Book.

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Table of Contents


Part I: Underground Architecture Grows Up

        Chapter 1: Overview
        Chapter 2: Underview

Part II: Private Space

        Chapter 3: Down to Business

        Chapter 4: Snug at Home

Part III: Sinking Your Tax Dollars into the Ground

        Chapter 5: Subterranean Schools

        Chapter 6: Undercover Public Service

        Chapter 7: Defense Dugouts

Part IV: Unwinding Underground

        Chapter 8: Immersed in Culture

        Chapter 9: Romping through the Underworld

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