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Speaking Services

Are you looking for an engaging speaker who will demonstrate the exciting possibilities of unconventional problem solving? Let me tell your group about creating beautiful, practical architecture hidden under the ground!

Do you want a speaker to offer a different perspective on energy conservation? Let me explain how buildings are much bigger fossil fuel guzzlers than SUVs, and how earth-integrated architecture can reduce energy consumption and expense without compromising on comfort or beauty.

Recent presentations include:

    "Breaking New Ground: Modern Underground Architecture" at the American Institute of Architects National Convention, May 2007

    "The Underground Option: Low-Profile Additions to High-Profile Buildings" at the Traditional Building Conference, March 2008

    "Green Roofs at Ground Level" at Albuquerque's environmental sustainability fair, May 2008

    "In Touch with the Earth: Building to Conserve Energy" at the International Green Ideas Show, Albuquerque, October 25, 2008

   "Greening Rooftops (at Ground Level)" at Ecobuild Fall conference, Washington DC, December 11, 2008

   "Conserving Energy Using the Earth Itself" at CONSTRUCT2009, Indianapolis, June 16, 2009

   Another take on "Conserving Energy Using the Earth Itself" at the National Building Museum, Washington DC, October 15, 2009

   "Top Ten Buildings Under the Desert Southwest" at Southwest Build It Green Conference, Phoenix, March 19, 2010

   Participated in the National Wildlife Federation's "Geothermal on Campus" webinar on February 24, 2011. View the archived webinar.

   "Earth Sheltering for Sustainable Public Buildings" at the Southwest Build It Green Conference, Phoenix, April 15, 2011

   "Earth Sheltering for Sustainable Buildings" at the East Mountain Library, Tijeras, NM, June 15, 2013

Tell me about your group and what you'd like to accomplish, and I will tailor an eye-catchingly illustrated speech about earth-sheltered buildings that will inform and entertain.

Send me a message. Let's talk!

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