Freelance writer Loretta Hall has written five books and hundreds of magazine articles and reference book chapters. Six of these reference books won a total of thirteen awards. Much of Hall's work focuses on the areas of architecture, engineering, and construction. Examples of Hall's technical articles for laypersons include three chapters explaining structural collapses for the book When Technology Fails and twenty-seven chapters for the book series How Products Are Made (including one on rammed earth construction--a technique that amounts to creating an aboveground cave). Other topics she described for the seven-volume series include skyscrapers, tunnels, geodesic domes, and storm shelters.

A certified Green Building Technical Professional, Hall wrote Underground Buildings: More than Meets the Eye to demystify that very useful and attractive building type. She has also written (and ghostwritten) for industry professionals (for example, articles for Southwest Contractor, Civil Engineering, Government Engineering, and Traditional Masonry). Her 2005 book, From Skyscrapers to Superdomes: Forces in Balance (Newbridge Educational Publishing), introduces middle school students to the laws of physics that architects and structural engineers must accommodate in their designs.

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Unless otherwise attributed, all content is © Loretta Hall, 2000-2013.
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